Swimming Pools Enter the Mainstream

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our last post we gave a brief history regarding the origins of the modern swimming pool, and today we are going to continue in the vein. Here at New Florida Pool, we believe that swimming pools are more than just an additional feature to add to your home. Swimming pools are a place to make memories, a place to relax, and, most importantly, a place to have fun. Continue reading below to learn how pools, once a status symbol of the elite, became a desirable feature for millions of Americans.

The Swimming Pool Evolves

In the early 1800s, swimming pools were still largely regulated to public facilities used by the people of a city. In Britain, swimming was becoming an increasingly popular sport, and in 1828 the first public swimming pool, St. George’s Bath, was opened to the public. Shortly after, the National Swimming Society was established, and by 1837 regular swimming competitions were being held in London. As the popularity of swimming continued to rise, five additional public pools were built in and around London to accommodate the growing number of people who either wanted to learn how to swim or wanted to participate in swimming competitions. This spike in the popularity of swimming in Britain is considered by many people to be the driving force behind the introduction of the modern home swimming pool.

Texas Introduces America to the Swimming Pool

On of the first recorded in ground swimming pool in the United States is Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, Texas. People from the area had been swimming in the natural pool for years, and in 1915 A.J Eilers bought the land surrounding the swimming hole and installed a concrete pool. Eilers then developed the land around the pool, and it quickly became the centerpiece of his newly constructed resort the Deep Eddy Bathing Beach. The first above ground pool built in the United States is credited to the Philadelphia Racquet Club. Designed by Roebling Construction Company, who at the time were noted for their skills in bridge building, the pool was officially opened in 1907 and quickly became an integral part of the club.

Hollywood Makes Pools Cool

While all of the previously mentioned swimming pools helped to establish a swimming culture in the United States, the first modern pools (as we think of them) only became popular after World War II. With the economy booming after the recent war, people had more disposable income to upgrade their homes. Additionally, Hollywood featured swimming pools in many of their movies during this time, and painted them as a status symbol of the wealthy and elite. Swimming pools became even more popular, as more and more people bought into the idea that part of the American dream was being able to take a “vacation” in their backyard. Swimming pools offered a newly wealthy middle class the opportunity to relax without having to leave their homes.

We hope that the past two blogs have helped to shed a little light on the history of the swimming pool. Here at New Florida Pools, we install custom swimming pools that are sure to become a focal point of your home’s backyard. To learn more about our services visit our website today.