Providing the nation with some of the more recognizable resort pool areas and waterfalls, our team always goes one step beyond the ordinary. We have a passion for exquisite water features that offer a respite from the outside world and always work to ensure that your aspirations for a personal oasis are met with professionalism and care.

Specializing in pool and waterfalls, the New Florida Pools team thrives on challenges and special requests. We excel at each step in process of pool building and restoration and invite you to discover what makes us the industry leader.


Our installation team is the backbone of our business. No design, no matter how outstanding, is worth the time and effort if your construction crew cannot be trusted to deliver upon its promise.


Our design team shows our clients exactly why we are recognized across the industry for creative and innovative pool renovations and remodels. Transforming outdated, dull, even deteriorated pools or rockscapes, we offer property investors and resort owners the opportunity to refresh and renovate outdoor spaces, establishing them, once again, into beautiful, refreshing water features that are both functional and inviting.


Though we are the respected leaders of the pool and water feature industry, we do offer commercial companies a wide variety of rockscape design and installations. From indoor retail displays to public exhibits and municipal and community signage, our team of display and feature experts work hand-in-hand with their clients to achieve their vision.