Which Type of Pool is Right For You?


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at New Florida Pools, we love summer. We love summer because it is that special time of year where people are finally able to enjoy their pools without worrying about frigid temperatures. As pool experts, we are often asked by our clients which type of chemical they should use to make sure their pool water stays as clear and clean as possible. With this goal in mind, people often ask us whether chlorine or salt water is the way to go. To help answer this question, in today’s blog we are going to go over some of the pros and cons of saltwater pools. We hope that by the end of this blog you have a little more knowledge about both of these pool types and you are better able to make a decision when it comes to your own pool.


Saltwater Pools Still Have Chlorine in Them


A common misconception of saltwater pools is that they do not contain any chemicals whatsoever. In reality, saltwater pools do have chlorine in them, however, the chlorine level is much lower than typical chlorine pools. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, the chlorine found in a saltwater pool is not added externally but is instead formed from chemical electrolysis that occurs within a salt water chlorinator that is part of the entire saltwater pool system. So, with this in mind, which is the better system to go with? Below, we have listed some pros and cons when it comes to saltwater pools.


Saltwater: A New Way to Make Standard Chemicals


The main deterrent for most people when it comes to saltwater pools is the upfront cost. Unlike traditional pools, saltwater pools require that an individual purchase a saltwater generator. This generator will slowly produce a steady flow of chlorine which helps to arrest the development of algae buildup and helps to lengthen the life of the pool. Additionally, many people are deterred from saltwater pools because the saltwater generator must run quite often in order to make sure that the chlorine levels of the pool stay optimal. However, even with all of these upfront costs, saltwater pools are still seen as a great investment. The cost of the saltwater generator, when compared to chemical costs over the life of the pool, is actually lower and saltwater pools only need to be truly cleaned about once a year. This process requires the owner to drain the pool and change the filters, however, because it is only required once a year many people find the benefits worth the hassle.


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